Making Collection Development Work for Librarians and Patrons

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In the 21st century acquisition librarians and those responsible for collection development have to navigate a wide range of options for acquiring content – at the same time as managing shrinking budgets and staff resources. To add to the complexity of selecting books, the increasing interest in acquiring e-books requires more decisions regarding platforms and functionality.

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To manage the options available, many libraries have partnered with library services vendors to streamline their workflows.

This webcast addresses options available through GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO, and listeners will hear from one library that has worked with GOBI to build its collection.

In addition, the panel discusses key factors to consider when evaluating e-book platforms, and highlight recent enhancements in the EBSCO eBook platform, to ensure an optimal experience for end-users.

There are three presenters: David Paredes, a director of GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO; Sally Murray, a librarian at the The American University of Paris; and Marco Gnjatovic, director of ebook sales at EBSCO Information Services.

David gives an overview of GOBI Library Solutions, and the workflow efficiencies that can be gained by librarians. Sally tells us how the system has been used at her university, while Marco gives us an overview of EBSCO Ebooks, and what patrons can expect in terms of content and user experience.