Transforming research for an Open Science world

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Planning and conducting a research project in an Open Science world is challenging.  

From selecting an innovative topic to sharing your work with the world, each stage of the research workflow is often as time-consuming as it is critical to the ultimate success and impact of a project.

At the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), we believe that trusted research should be discoverable, open, and shareable as quickly as possible to help solve the global challenges that matter. That’s why we’ve been providing support to scientists and engineers at each step of their research journey for over 150 years.

Our Research Solutions are helping to transform research for an Open Science world.

More collaborative across countries and disciplines

In a recent interview, our books editorial team noted that “complex problems rarely have simple solutions”. One of our commissioning editors commented: “It's very hard to cover wind energy… without some mechanical engineering. It's hard to write about solar cells or batteries without some chemistry or materials science.”

As one of the most interdisciplinary engineering societies in the world, the IET brings together diverse perspectives from academia and industry to address global challenges, through events, conferences and networks, as well as books and journals content.

More impactful

Planning, topic selection and choice of publication all contribute to the impact of a research project. The IET’s latest addition to the Research Solutions portfolio, Inspec Analytics provides detailed insights to aid decision making; helping research teams to uncover highly-cited or underrepresented topics or collaborators, and identify funding organisations and publications most relevant to their work.

Awards and scholarships like the IET Excellence and Innovation Awards, Postgraduate Researcher Awards and AF Harvey Prize celebrate and support the positive impact of research, and additional support is available through bursaries like IET Travel Awards.

Presenting at a conference? Most IET events are available on-demand on, extending the reach of presentations to a global audience. With searchable transcripts on most videos, researchers can also skip to relevant passages within longer recordings.

More discoverable

Finding and reviewing existing literature is crucial to selecting a research topic, developing a proposal and the ultimate success of a project. Our Inspec database has been classifying and indexing scientific literature from global publishers, with unparalleled levels of granularity since its origins back in 1898.

Now containing more than 24 million records across engineering and physics topics, Inspec pinpoints relevant, trusted literature and provides advanced analysis of research trends, saving valuable time and making ideation and discovery more efficient.

More Open

In recent years, we’ve seen that removing barriers and allowing researchers unrestricted access to the discoveries of their peers, not only accelerates innovation but drives the development of solutions that address global challenges.

With this in mind, we established a partnership with Wiley in 2020 and embraced the opportunity to transition our entire journals portfolio to Gold Open Access. Researchers can also get help towards the cost of publishing in our journals with APC discounts for IET members and support through Wiley’s Transformational Agreements and Research4Life.

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Working to engineer a better world? Watch the IET video here: Intelligence & Research - The IET