Introducing Nature Research Intelligence solutions

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Demonstrating research impact and setting a comprehensive strategy are critical tasks for any research organisation, but gathering trustworthy insights can be difficult and time-consuming. To support organisations in reaching their strategic goals, we are launching Nature Research Intelligence - a new suite of solutions comprising: 

Nature Index: track your progress and refine future strategy with a holistic benchmark of your research performance.

Nature Strategy Reports: comprehensive deep-dives and custom high-quality reports into relevant research topics to influence major research and funding decisions.

Nature Navigator: one centralised, holistic source of research trends to track emerging research topics and guide your decision-making.

We’ve been the most trusted name in research for over 150 years. All of our knowledge and expertise is now available in Nature Research Intelligence, giving you:

  • Forward-looking insights to confidently guide the future of your research

  • One place to go for research intelligence insights you can trust

  • Faster, more effective research decisions

  • AI and editorially powered solutions that adapt to your needs

  • The ability to unlock serendipitous discovery across multiple disciplines

Whether you’re looking for collaboration opportunities, inspiration, or a better understanding of potential new research areas, we can help you take your next steps with confidence. Discover more about our new solutions: