WorldCat Metadata API

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The WorldCat Metadata API is a new Web service that enables member libraries to manage WorldCat data through library- and partner-built applications. Use of the service with these applications promises to help users conveniently add and enrich WorldCat records and maintain WorldCat holdings information and local bibliographic data in your WorldCat collections.

Developed in response to member requests, the Metadata API is said to offer member libraries another way to catalogue their collections in WorldCat. Libraries may choose to manage their cataloging workflows using OCLC-built applications such as Connexion and the upcoming OCLC WorldShare Metadata Record Manager, or they can use the Metadata API to create and share new applications.

The Metadata API is available on the OCLC WorldShare Platform. Librarians and developers can use this data to innovate together to build and share solutions that streamline and enhance their local library workflows. Through the platform, you gain access to a consistent set of business- and data-level APIs and Web services.