Visualisation and analysis tool

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OECD has launched an interactive tool for visualising and analysing regional statistics using maps and graphs. Using a subset of OECD Regional Statistics database users can now see and understand a selection of social and economic data at regional levels within OECD countries, says the organisation.

The mapping function enables users to pan across and zoom into the map data and select regions that can then be viewed and compared in multiple graph formats simultaneously. This development is said to be part of the overall strategy to improve the accessibility and usability of OECD statistics.

This new tool is the result of cooperation between OECD and the National Centre for Visual Analytics (NCVA) at Linköping University, Sweden. NCVA presented the first version of their eXplorer tool at a statistics seminar in Stockholm in May of this year. Since then, a development team at NCVA has worked on improving the tool and adapting it to OECD’s data.

An extended version of OECD Regional Statistics database that uses eXplorer will illustrate the 2009 edition of OECD Regions at a Glance due to be published in March. In 2009, the eXplorer tool will also be integrated with OECD.Stat to allow users to visualise other OECD data.