Virtual Journals in Science and Technology

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The American Institute of Physics (AIP) and the American Physical Society (APS), co-publishers of the Virtual Journals in Science and Technology (VJ) series, have redesigned the website for the Virtual Journals.

The AIP/APS Virtual Journals are free topical alerting services that collect and organise papers from a broad range of sources, including the journals Science and Nature. They allow researchers to stay current with the best and most recently published literature in the field, and users may sign up for timely Table of Contents email alerts. Each indexed article is linked to the full text at the contributing publisher's site and is free to view by users at any subscribing institution. The series currently covers five areas of burgeoning research: Biological Physics Research, Nanoscale Science & Technology, Quantum Information, Ultrafast Science, and Applications of Superconductivity.

Changes in the redesign include a new tabbed environment that is said to improve readability and navigation throughout the VJ site, and provide easy access to lists of linked references and citing articles. Navigation to higher levels of the journals now appear as "breadcrumb" links in the upper left of each abstract. Citation downloads, including DOIs, to standard bibliographic formats are also available for Scitation-hosted source journals.

In addition, the focus of each individual VJ is now on the content of the current issue, with this content displayed on the VJ's homepage. Additional space is also dedicated to news items, which will allow readers to access a greater number of older news items, which until now have been removed after a brief time period.