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The latest journal from World Scientific, TECHNOLOGY, is said to feature the development of cutting-edge new technologies in a broad array of emerging fields of science and engineering.

The journal aims to provide quality content on applied science with a focus on both innovation and application to daily lives, according to the publisher. It will cover disciplines such as health and life science, energy and environment, advanced materials, technology-based manufacturing, information science and technology, and marine and transportations technologies.

The journal's editors-in-chief, Martin Yarmush, of Rutgers University, and Mehmet Toner from Harvard Medical School, said that the new launch was driven by the disappointment and frustration of many engineers and applied scientists who felt that their work was given short shrift by the scientific community. 'The hard truth is that when journals become successful they often become clubs that exclude outsiders. We are dedicated to maintaining the inclusivity and openness of the journal so that it serves quality work and not a set of addresses or a select group of individuals of predetermined worth,' they said.