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Taylor & Francis Online:  creating a seamless research experience

One of the many roles academic librarians take on is to inform and educate visitors to the library on the best way to discover what they need within the library’s purchased or subscribed content. An essential part of the publisher’s role is to ensure that their content platform meets the user’s needs in terms of functionality, navigation and user-friendly features, allowing for a seamless research experience.

Taylor & Francis recognises this need, and has constantly sought to develop and update Taylor & Francis Online in order to make it the ‘go to’ place for a user to start their research.

Recently added features include CrossMark and FundRef on all articles. The CrossMark identification service from CrossRef gives researchers the information they need to verify that they are using the most recent and reliable versions of a journal article. The FundRef registry has been integrated with our peer review submission systems to ensure accurate capture of all funding details. For all newly published articles, researchers can clearly and easily see whether they have received funding, and where that funding is from.

Also currently being trialled on the platform is the colwiz Interactive PDF Reader, which allows users to annotate PDF documents whilst they are reading them, and share within their research group. Using the interactive tools, text can be highlighted, notes added and articles drawn on directly — just as you would with a printed copy.

Another recent addition to Taylor & Francis Online is toll-free linking, which allows users to access referenced Taylor & Francis articles, even if their institution does not have access through a subscription, giving users relevant ‘bonus’ material.

“I really think it looks good. It is SUCH an improvement on the previous platform in terms of navigability and easy access to key information like the impact factor, how to submit, how to find/access articles etc”. – Sally Hardy, Chief Executive, Regional Studies Association

Contact: Carolyn Kirby, Regional Marketing EMEA, carolyn.kirby@tandf.co.uk