SwetsWise Online Content

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SwetsWise Online Content complies with Release 3 of the COUNTER Code of Practice. This means that COUNTER 3-compliant data can be downloaded directly within SwetsWise Online Content and is also available for analysis within SwetsWise Selection Support and the ScholarlyStats platforms.

'Swets’ drive to simplify the workload and day-to-day processes of its customers is mirrored by COUNTER’s aim to simplify and standardise usage data,' said Debbie Dore, chief commercial officer at Swets.

COUNTER provides a set of standards for providing information about usage of online information products. It defines a set of rules for generating the reports and a set of rigorous tests for checking the compliancy of the implementation. COUNTER reports available in SwetsWise Online Content can be downloaded and scheduled. Customers can download their COUNTER Journal Report 1 direct from SwetsWise Online Content and receive full, COUNTER 3 compliant data.COUNTER’s Consortium Report 1 has also been added to the existing Journal Reports 1, 3 and 4 already available within SwetsWise Online Content.