Semantico Access Management System version 3.9

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Semantico has released the Semantico Access Management System (SAMS) version 3.9. The new version is compatible with Shibboleth 2.

The release of this latest version of SAMS promises to enable publishers to upgrade to Shibboleth 2 well in advance of the 30 June end-of-life date for Shibboleth 1.3. Implementing SAMS 3.9 before June will help publishers to avoid disruptive unplanned upgrades after this date, says Semantico. 

Shibboleth allows users to identify which institution they would like to use to authenticate their access to online resources. Users gain access through a Where Are You From (WAYF) log-in screen that asks them to choose which institution they belong to. SAMS 3.9 can feature an enhanced WAYF screen that uses geolocation to locate the user and suggest the nearest institutions.