SciVal, for your research management needs

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From researchers searching for collaboration partners to academic research leaders and government agencies evaluating research impact, SciVal is the tool of choice for hundreds of academic, business and government customers worldwide.

SciVal offers quick, easy access to the research performance of 7,500 research institutions and 220 nations worldwide. A ready-to-use solution with unparallelled power and flexibility, SciVal enables you to visualise research performance, benchmark your institution relative to your peers, develop collaborative partnerships and analyse research trends. SciVal uses advanced supercomputer technology to calculate more than 170 trillion metric values and generate meaningful data visualisations on-demand, in seconds.

For research administrators, SciVal helps you assess the performance of your researchers and groups relative to peers and conduct scenario modelling for recruitment and retention decisions. For researchers and senior academic staff, you can use SciVal to highlight the impact of your research for assessment and funding purposes, track collaboration patterns and seek out new partners for research projects. Government and funding agencies can use SciVal to evaluate the impact of the research produced by the scientists and institutions that you fund. For corporate users in R&D, SciVal can help you find ideal technology partners, locate experts in niche fields and stay ahead of the competition.

SciVal is part of the Elsevier Research Intelligence portfolio of tools and services that includes Scopus data, the Pure system, rich data assets, and custom Analytical Services. Elsevier Research Intelligence offers innovative solutions that improve both an institution's and an individual's ability to establish, execute and evaluate research strategy and performance.