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Elsevier has announced the launch of the new generation SciVal. According to the company, SciVal will allow research organisations to analyse the world of research, enabling them to establish, execute and evaluate their research strategies by revealing insights based on Scopus data. Users can benchmark their research performance accurately and meaningfully against any other institution or group of researchers in the world.

To serve research institutions better in generating hard facts to support their evidence-based decision making, Elsevier says that it has fully integrated the analytical capabilities of its first generation SciVal solutions, SciVal Spotlight and SciVal Strata, and has enhanced the tools to make them more comprehensive and intuitive.

'The new generation of SciVal has been developed following years of close co-operation with leading research institutions globally,' said Nick Fowler, managing director of academic and government institutions at Elsevier.  'We hope that research leaders will view the result as a significant step forward in helping them to monitor and manage their institution’s research strategies.'

The new tool is said to enable users to configure, visualise and export information according to their personal needs and preferences, so that they can benchmark with meaning and accuracy to understand their position relative to their peers, as well as relative to global and domestic standards. The results can be used to help answer questions that are increasingly faced in the management of research, such as identifying research strengths, uncovering current collaborations and finding potential new partners, and enabling scenario modelling. The results can also help showcase the strengths of research institutions to students, academics and funders.