Scitation C<sup>3</sup>

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The American Institute of Physics (AIP) has released a series of new features for its hosting platform, Scitation C³ ( AIP says that the functionality of Scitation-hosted journal pages will now be greatly enhanced, enabled by an XML (Extensible Markup Language) infrastructure. This promises to turn granular markup into meaningful content services, reduce discovery time, and dynamically connect similar concepts and expose related content without user interaction.

One of the new features on Scitaton C³ is full-text HTML rendering, direct from XML. It also includes inline reference links and the ability to enlarge tables and figures by clicking on them. There are also enhanced search functions, with more options and better controls to explore returned content with faceted results, as well as a real-time institutional mapping interface.

‘Any company that defines and promotes itself as a provider of leading-edge technology cannot wait for innovations developed by others to fall into its lap,’ commented John Haynes, vice president of publishing at AIP.