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ScienceDirect plans to release a series of new, user-driven features over the next two years, which are expected to improve researcher productivity by making full-text content quicker and easier to access. According to ScienceDirect’s owner Elsevier, the user workflow was analysed to identify the most common tasks, such as browsing for a specific journal title. The redesign then focused on reducing the number of steps a user takes to complete the task.

New redesigns and features will include enhancements to the overall user interface, streamlined browsing and searching and additional personalisation features. The redesign will include completely transformed navigation, look and feel in order to connect researchers to the STM information they want even faster. New customisation features will help researchers to track past actions, make it easier for them to set up automated alerts and connect them to favoured titles from the homepage. In addition, the redesign will incorporate revised search features that will make it easier for researchers to conduct targeted searches faster and more frequently.