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Scholastica has launched a new typesetting service for open access journals that uses advanced technology to generate HTML and PDF articles. The introduction of this typesetting service continues Scholastica's vision to 'put control of research back into the hands of the academic community'.

Scholastica's typesetting service frees academic-led journals from having to handle article formatting – traditionally one of the most labour-intensive aspects of journal publishing. Journals upload copyedited DOCX manuscripts and any accompanying data and image files to Scholastica, and Scholastica turns them into professional PDF and HTML articles. Using its typesetting technology, Scholastica is able to typeset articles – including complex graphs and tables – across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

Scholastica says it now offers a full suite of tools and services to launch and manage community-led OA journals without the need to contract out to expensive corporate publishers.

'The cost of research in journals is unacceptably high and it's crazy that science is controlled by a few huge corporations. In the past, there wasn't an easy alternative for scholars to challenge the status quo,' said Scholastica co-founder and CEO Brian Cody. 'But now there is. Scholastica is that alternative. We use technology smartly so that the academic community can finally control how research journals are published – on their own terms.'