ScholarOne Manuscripts

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Thomson Reuters has announced the availability of a Japanese version of the peer-review system, ScholarOne Manuscripts (formerly Manuscript Central). This is part of a renewed partnership with Kyorinsha.

The new version offers a Japanese language interface, combined with key components in the original system to allow for the same support capabilities users expect from ScholarOne. This release is said to enhance usability and information sharing for Japanese-speaking users and supports the Thomson Reuters research workflow solution suite for the extensive Japanese scientific community.

'I believe that many of the Japanese-language journals in STM have been looking forward to the release of a Japanese version of ScholarOne Manuscripts as it is a well-established product throughout the world,' said Kazumasa Watanabe, president of Kyorinsha. 'This will contribute to the significant development of the scholarly publishing community in Japan.'

ScholarOne Manuscripts provides online manuscript submission for journals and offers administrative, editing and peer-reviewing capabilities.