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SAGE Open is an online only peer-reviewed, "Gold" open access journal from SAGE.  Publishing original research and review articles in an interactive, OA format, SAGE Open spans the breadth and depth of the social sciences, behavioral sciences and humanities and is the first journal of its kind dedicated to these fields.

Unlike traditional journals, SAGE Open does not limit content due to page budgets or thematic significance. Rather, SAGE Open evaluates the scientific and research methods of each article for validity and accepts articles solely on the basis of the research. This approach allows readers greater access and gives them the power to determine the significance of each article through SAGE Open’s interactive comments feature and article-level usage metrics. Likewise, by not restricting papers to a narrow discipline, SAGE Open facilitates the discovery of the connections between papers, whether within or between disciplines. By expanding its scope beyond the boundaries of any one subject area, it allows for the discovery of new connections by and between researchers, readers, papers and disciplines.

Utilising new Drupal based technology, the SAGE Open site ensures clear and easy navigation of both the article page and overall functionality, improving discoverability and access to over 500 articles.