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SAGE MILES, Manuscript Improvement and Language Editing services, is a premium editing service launched in 2017 by SAGE India. The services offered through SAGE MILES aim at helping authors and researchers polish their manuscripts through the various stages of development, making them publication-ready. 

SAGE MILES brings SAGE’s international quality standards to the manuscripts by offering copyediting solutions, working on their language, format, contextual coherence and logical flow. 

The in-house editors are trained extensively and are able to showcase exceptional proficiency in carrying out various publishing guidelines such as CMS, APA, AMA, among others. SAGE MILES extends its services to a wide range of subjects and a variety of manuscripts – from higher academic research articles, PhD and Master’s theses, reference book manuscripts, reports, textbooks to works of non-fiction. 

Apart from its standard language editing services, SAGE MILES can also help PhD scholars prepare their dissertations for either submission to universities or to publish as a book or an article, by helping with: 

  • Formatting references for advanced Author Index Performance;
  • Bringing acceptable language quality of articles rejected by peer-reviewers;
  • Rectifying inconsistencies – mechanical as well as stylistic;
  • Setting the correct flow of thought; and
  • Providing expert views through contextual intervention.

Authors and students will be able to purchase this service and submit their manuscripts by logging in to The services will be delivered by our professionally trained editors and subject-matter experts after performing rigorous quality control procedures.   

Shalini Singh, director of publishing services at SAGE India, said: 'We are committed to bringing SAGE’s international standards of manuscript improvement and language editing to new and existing authors and researchers, whose works often remain a dream because of quality issues and manuscript rejection. 

'We are pleased with the response we have received so far, and we are looking at offering prospective authors a comprehensive suite of specialised services in manuscript improvement and language editing.'