The Sage Handbook of Research Management

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Described as a vital tool for the newly promoted research leader, SAGE has released The Handbook of Research Management, a resource to guide researchers making the transition from individual scholars to managers and leaders.

As larger-scale projects are becoming more common, researchers are faced with a new challenge to act as managers and leaders. In this role they are responsible for the careers and professional development of others in their teams and for managing interactions with university administrations and external stakeholders.

In the face of these new challenges Mary Byrne McDonnell, executive director of the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) in New York and Robert Dingwall a consulting sociologist and part-time professor of sociology at Nottingham Trent University have created this reference as a standard guide for new research leaders.

The publishers say the handbook will be an essential tool for those in any discipline or country, who are looking for a concise and effective guide in addressing their new role.

'Research management is vital in our modern day universities to account for expectations of funding. It is also an essential way to ensure that research is a collaborative enterprise, drawing on the different strengths of researchers who come from a variety of different backgrounds,' the editors commented.

'Although many scientific and technological disciplines have long been organised in this way, few resources have been created to help new leaders understand their roles and responsibilities and to reflect on their practice.'