RightFind XML for Mining

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Copyright Clearance Center has announced that Oxford University Press (OUP), the world’s largest university press, is participating in its RightFind XML for Mining solution.

RightFind XML for Mining is aimed at allowing publishers to offer life science companies controlled access to full-text articles in XML format for import into their preferred text mining software. Participating publishers receive usage reports that help them make decisions related to text mining and data mining (TDM) and their content-development strategy.

'By enrolling in CCC’s XML for Mining service, OUP can more efficiently expose TDM researchers to its content,' said Emily Sheahan, executive director at CCC. 'This helps strengthen OUP’s existing subscription business by enabling its customers to derive more value.'

'At this point it’s clear we’re living in the Age of Big Data,' added Casper Grathwohl, director of business development at Oxford University Press. 'Through mining deep collections of academic content, researchers are discovering exciting connections between ideas and gleaning insights never before possible.

'Given OUP’s broad range of scholarly publishing, CCC’s XML for Mining is an ideal service for us. We’re excited to see how researchers use our content in this setting to drive scholarship forward and develop real-world solutions for today’s pressing issues.'

Other publishers participating in the offering include Springer Nature, Wiley, BMJ, the Royal Society of Chemistry, Taylor & Francis, SAGE, Cambridge University Press, American Diabetes Association, American Society for Nutrition, and Future Medicine.