RightFind Insight

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Copyright Clearance Center has announced the release of RightFind Insight, a scientific research solution. RightFind Insight was developed through CCC’s continuing partnership with Cambridge, UK-based SciBite, a leading provider of semantic solutions for the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries.

Powered by the SciBite platform, RightFind Insight brings the power of semantic enrichment to the search and reading experience to turn information into knowledge, and accelerate discoveries.

Scientists at pharmaceutical and other life sciences companies face a daily struggle to stay current with a multiplying volume of information from peer-reviewed scientific journals, patent filings, clinical trials data, news, competitive briefs, and more. Two-and-a-half million scientific papers are published annually (Joint Information Systems Committee, 2015) and more scientific research was indexed in Medline between 2010 and 2014 than all research ever published before.

The use of keyword searches to comb through all the available information often fails to uncover the most relevant content—and often yields non-relevant results that bog down the research process. RightFind Insight provides researchers with a thorough, fast, and accurate alternative. 

RightFind Insight leverages SciBite’s software suite, including its high-performance TERMite text processing engine and highly enriched associated vocabularies, which quickly identifies and extracts scientific terminology from unstructured text and transforms it into machine-readable data, enabling researchers to make better-informed and more timely decisions.

By combining semantic enrichment of documents with, full-text search, RightFind Insight users are able to:

  • Gain scientific and medical insights more quickly;
  • Find content relevant to their research in less time; and
  • Instantly enrich documents to derive more value from the reading experience.

For information managers facing pressure to do more with less, RightFind Insight demonstrates the value of the information centre by aligning content investments with strategic business objectives.

'With RightFind Insight, we can provide a solution to help researchers and business users efficiently find relevant content to discover insights more quickly,' said Jamie Carmichael, director of corporate products and services. 'We are excited to offer our customers an unparalleled opportunity to experience the power of semantic enrichment and make published literature more discoverable through our collaboration with SciBite.'