Respiratory Care

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The American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) has launched Respiratory Care on the HighWire Open Platform.

AARC says the enhanced site has greatly improved access for its members and readers, with many more features and services that can only be offered online.  One of the key decisions regarding the move to HighWire was the quality of the user experience on mobile devices, especially HighWire's Full Text iOS App.

Its rich set of features includes a configurable user interface, full-issue downloads, push notifications, and robust advertising capabilities, all of which were critical components in the decision to use HighWire.

'Last year we made the decision to enhance our website and to use all modes available for mobile devices. Eight months later, our new site is up on HighWire, and our mobile app is terrific,' said Ray Masferrer, managing editor of Respiratory Care.

'HighWire exceeded our expectations both in service and technology. Having been associated with our journal for 45 years and seen all the changes during that time, this is a great moment for our publication, AARC members, and subscribers.'

HighWire's commitment to making content accessible across the widest array of devices possible – desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet – is evident by the flexibility of the HighWire Open Platform and demonstrated in more than 1,000 mobile websites, a market-leading full-text OS app, and soon-to-be-released Android app.

'The HighWire Open Platform is a perfect fit for the journal Respiratory Care,' said Tom Rump, HighWire's managing director.  

'The AARC has unique insight into its user's needs, and HighWire is on target to offer innovative solutions to support them as they grow, including welcoming them to HighWire's renowned scholarly community.'