Reprints Desk

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Access Copyright and Research Solutions have announced that Reprints Desk, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Research Solutions, has been selected as the preferred vendor to offer document delivery services to Access Copyright's Canadian customers.

The partnership provides Access Copyright's customers with the option to purchase content through Reprints Desk's award-winning Article Galaxy platform, wherein high-quality copies of journal articles, book chapters and other scholarly resources can be acquired. The organisations also announced plans to integrate information about Access Copyright's permissions into the Article Galaxy platform which, once complete, will enable customers to view the reproduction rights available to them at the time of document ordering.

'Our customers need to have a document before they can copy it under licence, which makes document delivery a natural pairing with our offerings,' said Roanie Levy, executive director of Access Copyright. 'We are pleased to be working with a best-in-class vendor like Reprints Desk and look forward to completing our database integration with Article Galaxy in order to facilitate a seamless experience for customers.'

'Reprints Desk is honoured to partner with Access Copyright to combine content acquisition and re-use rights within researcher workflows,' said Ian Palmer, chief sales and marketing officer at Reprints Desk. 'This collaboration will help Canadian organisations to realise real improvements in both research efficiency and copyright compliance, while maximising their return on copyright license investments.'