RCNi Learning - Helping nursing students bridge the gap between theory and practice

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RCNi Learning is a brand new interactive online learning resource designed to help nursing students prepare for clinical practice. It consists of 135 modules (which will grow to 185 next month), covering 43 topics including communication, cancer, acute care, wound care, mental health and many more.

RCNi Learning is accredited by Royal College of Nursing for both module content and functionality. This means it has been subjected to a rigorous quality assessment process to ensure it meets RCN's standards of excellence and has been deemed to promote best practice, provide effective education outcomes and improve patient care.

All RCNi Learning modules are peer-reviewed and evidence-based to provide the most authoritative and up to date information on best practice. A simple-to-use interface lets students complete relevant learning modules with ease, while a mobile app means content is accessible whenver and wherever it is needed.

Designed with the end user in mind, RCNi Learning is highly interactive and consists of features and functionality that engage the student and facilitate learning. This includes podcasts, images, case studies, tests with rationales for correct and incorrect answers, and time-out exercises.

RCNi Learning can be integrated with existing LMSs and the institutional users are able to access the platform using single-sign-on via Shibboleth/Athens.