PubFactory platform, freeing publishers to grow their online content businesses on their schedule

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Partnering with scholarly publishers for nearly 20 years, PubFactory is host to 1,200+ journals, 400,000+ books, and 30M+ content items.

Mixed Content - PubFactory readily supports publishers in bringing all of their content together to increase revenue and create an optimal user experience. 

User-Centric - From the outset, all PubFactory publishers receive a platform that has a mobile optimized responsive design. Mobile optimization is a PubFactory standard, not an option. 

Continuous Development - PubFactory as a platform is dynamic. In support of our publishers need to respond to rapidly changing standards in UX and UI presentation, PubFactory is developed using a Continuous Delivery model that allows for deployment of platform updates using a 2-3 week continuous development cycle.

Transparency + Empowerment - The PubFactory service philosophy is of transparency and empowerment. Our publishers receive the tools to control and grow their business through the launch of new sites, A/B testing, owning their data, fine tuning search, updating Design Configurations, managing site roles and permissions, activating new business models, leveraging librarian support interfaces, and much more. 

Service + Support - The strategic client service that comes along with the PubFactory platform is as critical as the technology that powers it.  As part of O’Reilly Media, the PubFactory team actively tracks impactful trends outside of the publishing industry and act as both technology and business consultants for our publishers.  

And Go - PubFactory enables publishers to creatively experiment and execute on strategic initiatives!