ProQuest Video Preservation and Discovery Service

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Libraries and universities with proprietary audio and video collections can now preserve and provide access to these information resources through a new service from ProQuest. ProQuest Video Preservation and Discovery Service (VPDS) is described as a continuum of services designed to make fully discoverable the video and audio content to which the library has rights. These services include digital conversion, transcription, metadata creation, and optional hosting and streaming.  VPDS creates transcriptions and indexes A/V content stored on tapes, hard drives, and other media, making high-demand content easily accessible through library discovery channels. All formats of video – even those that are obsolete -- are eligible for the service.

'There’s growing demand by users for multimedia research content and libraries have it. However, it’s highly siloed and scattered,' explained Jane Burke, ProQuest vice-president, strategic initiatives.

VPDS’ flexible menu of options includes digitisation, hosting and streaming. For transcription, ProQuest offers options for fully automated or manual correction to meet budget and time constraints. Libraries pick and choose the services they need to fill gaps in current capabilities and processes, maximising value for their researchers. Options are also available to enhance A/V sharing and management through streaming, and clip development. VPDS’ capabilities are scalable and can manage even massive content collections.