Preservica v5.0

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Preservica, part of the Tessella group, has launched a new version (v5.0) of its active preservation platform. The new version promises a raft of new features including a new Universal Access function that enables organisations to showcase and share their archives, collections and records with the public through an easy to customise web interface.

The web interface uses responsive design to allow public and internal users to browse, discover, search, view, and download digital content in Preservica on multiple devices  - PCs, Tablets and Smart Phones – without the need to have the native applications installed.

In addition to the public access and discovery functions, Preservica v5.0 also includes storage policies to enable collections to be split between Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier; a Copy Home feature to allow archives to be synchronised to a local server; Linked Data Registry to support live file format registry updates and a new look and feel including a management dashboard. The dashboard gives an at a glance view of the size of a collection, how fast it is growing, the file formats used and how often the collection is accessed.

The new version 5.0 functions are available across Preservica’s Cloud Edition as well as its on premise offerings, Preservica Standard Edition and Preservica Enterprise Edition.