Practical Copyright for Library and Information Professionals

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This new handbook aims to bring clarity to the UK’s copyright legislation – which has been referred to as the longest, most confusing and hardest to navigate in the world. The publisher says the book provides sensible and realistic guidance for all library and information practitioners, with up-to-date information on changes to copyright law in 2014/5.

The book covers the following key topics:

  • The copyright exceptions or permitted acts most relevant to library and information professionals;
  • Lending of print and electronic copyright materials;
  • The range of licensing solutions available to ensure that the use of copyright works is done in compliance with the law;
  • The options available for making copies of orphan works (such as where this is done as part of digitisation projects); and
  • An exploration of how information professionals working in the corporate sector can copy material legitimately, and highlights where this differs from practitioners working in not for profit publicly accessible libraries.

Practical Copyright for Library and Information Professionals is aimed at being an indispensable guide for library and information professionals, useful for academics and researchers, and essential reading for anyone wishing to use copyright material legitimately.