Pathogens and Global Health and Paediatrics and International Child Health

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Maney Publishing is relaunching two titles. From 2012 Annals of Tropical Medicine & Parasitology will be Pathogens and Global Health and Annals of Tropical Paediatrics will relaunch as Paediatrics and International Child Health.

Pathogens and Global Health will to continue to publish eight issues per year, in print and online, with a new cover, A4 double column format, and internal design. The new title will increasingly cover the scientific and clinical subjects that reflect the international political and research agendas, such as microbial pathogenesis, host-microbe interactions, immunology, epidemiology, infectious disease, disease control and global health. Diseases such as tuberculosis, AIDS, diarrhoea, influenza, dengue and pneumonia continue to represent worldwide health problems that require global solutions. Furthermore, in recent years tropical regions have become progressively less homogenous as a consequence of the economic development and the implementation of disease control measures.

Paediatrics and International Child Health will also continue with its existing frequency and schedule, being published quarterly in print and online, and will have a new look and layout. The change of title reflects the fact that the journal publishes papers relevant to the developing world, and the word ‘tropical’ is no longer considered appropriate for those countries which do not have a tropical climate, and therefore do not have tropical diseases in the strictest sense. The new title embraces the key subjects on which the journal publishes: ‘paediatrics’, which encompasses clinical and laboratory aspects, and ‘international child health’ which covers the wide spectrum of subjects in community child health.