Minesoft and RWS Group have introduced new legal status data functionality to PatBase. The new Legal Status Timeline is said to give searchers a fresh way to obtain an overview of the legal events that have occurred during the lifetime of a patent application. A colour-coded timeline helps users see events over time, with a legend provided for quick reference.

Status information is also available for EP (European) designated states once the European patent has granted. This is said to represent a distinct advantage to PatBase users since this information is not readily available on other patent search platforms.
To improve search efficiency, the PatBase data team has now completed a project to create Legal Event Groupings. Similar events (for example Lapsed/Expired/Ceased/Dead) are grouped together and can now be searched simultaneously from the Legal Status search form, saving valuable time.


IntechOpen's new CEO Anke Beck talks about her early inspirations, and of 20 years working in academic publishing

Analysis and opinion
Analysis and opinion