Ovid, part of Wolters Kluwer Health, has announced the latest release of its search and discovery platform OvidSP. All OvidSP customers now have access to the latest release.

The latest release includes MARC Records. Users can download MARC records for all books and journals that their institution subscribes to on OvidSP. The new release also introduces the first round of non-English language interfaces, with interfaces in French, Spanish, and German now available.

Other enhancements are focused on improving the user interface. For example, Annotation Exports offer the ability to export search results annotations to a bibliographic citation manager.

‘From the beginning, OvidSP was designed to be an evolutionary platform, and [this] release is the next step in our ongoing drive to deliver the tools and products that end users need,’ said Karen Abramson, president and CEO of Ovid.

‘We’ll continue to innovate the OvidSP platform to meet the needs of our many professionals and students across the medical, academic, and corporate markets globally.’


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