Open-access programme

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Karger Publishers will offer more flexible Creative Commons licences and a new, searchable web platform in the summer of 2013 that promises to make it easier for readers to discover content in Karger's open-access articles.

Karger open-access articles are now licensed according to the terms of the Creative Commons CC BY-NC licence, which the publisher says is 'so that Karger can seek to protect an author's work from misuse'. In addition, Karger supports the CC BY licence whenever a funder requires it.

Karger currently has 17 open-access journals, with more planned, as well as its Author's Choice option to make any paper open access in Karger's subscription journals.

'Karger is expanding its existing open-access portfolio in keeping with this evolving segment of biomedical publishing,' cmmented Gabriella Karger, chief executive of Karger Publishers. 'Karger remains dedicated to enhancing its complete print and online programme, subscription journals and books as well as open-access publications, to ensure we continue to meet the needs of all the constituents of biomedical research.