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The new beta version of OECD.Stat, the single online platform where users can discover and access a wide range of statistical databases from the OECD has been updated. It has a new browser, faster navigation and new functionality which improve the user experience and ability to compare and manipulate data.

The new browser design uses a clearer division between content and features. Users are able to search or browse for precisely the data they require through a detailed list of content themes, which can be viewed constantly or collapsed to increase viewing space.

Each table in OECD.Stat can be customised and users can select from a vast array of variables and combine data from different sources to compare and analyse country statistics. They may change the shape of the table by moving rows and columns and view data in a multitude of formats, including dynamic graphs which bring the data alive visually. All the statistics are exportable to Excel with full references.

This is part of a larger project to improve the services around OECD statistics in the OECD iLibrary, which is replacing SourceOECD later this year.