npj Vaccines

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Nature Publishing Group's new journal, npj Vaccines, will be dedicated to highlighting the most important scientific advances in vaccine research and development.

The open access journal has been announced today by Nature Publishing Group and The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston on behalf of its Sealy Center for Vaccine Development.

Martin Delahunty, global head of partnership journals, Open Research Group at Nature Publishing Group, said: 'We want to encourage decision-making about vaccines on the basis of up-to-date scientific research and evidence. The articles from npj Vaccines will be open access and therefore free to read at the point of publication. They can be read and shared by anyone across the globe, from scientific researchers to clinicians working in remote areas, and parents looking for the latest research on vaccinations.'

Editor-in-chief Alan Barrett, director of the Sealy Center for Vaccine Development, added: 'We’re very excited to be a partner with Nature and together we plan on publishing significant new advances in vaccine research and development.    

'One of our main goals is to share information that will help researchers who are looking for state-of-the-art research about vaccines. We want to become a prime source of up-to-date information about vaccine development and how vaccines are helping to improve our lives and saving the lives of millions of people around the globe.'

The journal will publish a variety of research articles on human and veterinary vaccinations from discovery and basic science to nonclinical development of vaccines, vaccine formulation, AIDS vaccine, cancer/oncology vaccines, clinical evaluation of vaccines and vaccine safety, to mention just a few.

Each original research article will include a lay summary that will summarise the key issues being addressed within the article with the goal of keeping the readership informed of advances in the field of vaccinology.