Neural Regeneration Research

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Ovid, a part of Wolters Kluwer Health, has struck a deal with Neural Regeneration Research (NRR). This is an English-language monthly journal of peer-reviewed scholarly research in stem cells and regeneration. NRR will be available exclusively on OvidSP, via the OvidSP electronic search and discovery platform, to all Ovid customers globally.

Topics in the journal include the influences of neural stem cells, neuroengineering, neurodegeneration, and traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture intervention. NRR  also publishes meta-analysis articles with Chinese characteristics; evidence-based case clinical research articles; analysis of gene polymorphism related to region, nationality, and demography; review articles regarding new technology and new therapy; and multi-centre, large-sample, randomised, and controlled articles and reports.

NRR is published by the publishing house of Neural Regeneration Research and China Science Press, and sponsored by the Chinese Rehabilitation Medical Association and supervised by China’s Ministry of Health.