Nature Reviews: Celebrating 1 Year of Nature Reviews Disease Primers

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April 2016 marked the first anniversary of Nature Reviews Disease Primers. The journal has had a tremendous year, publishing 51 Primers and PrimeViews across all medical specialities, written by more than 400 leading experts. They are receiving upwards of 15,000 visitors to the site each month and have had >20,000 views of the Huntingdon disease animation and HIV webinar.

Nature Reviews Disease Primers publishes commissioned articles - Primers - that provide a general overview of disease, disorder, consequence of ageing, behavioural condition, developmental disorder or nutritional deficiency across all medical disciplines. In addition, each Primer is accompanied by a PrimeView; an illustrated summary of the Primer designed by the in-house editorial team. These provide an excellent snapshot and resource for researchers, students and lecturers alike.

The Primers are authored by a panel of experts with complementary expertise and give a global perspective. Primers ensure that researchers are kept up to date with new advances in medicine, from genetic risk factors being unravelled to the latest drugs brought to market. Backed with a strong background in clinical and biomedical sciences, the editorial team of Nature Reviews Disease Primers pay close attention to the rapidly moving medical landscape to inform the journal's commissioning strategy. Diseases or disorders will be revisited frequently to highlight the latest developments.