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SAGE has launched a digital revision tool, MobileStudy, which is designed to aid student learning on the go. The company says that this is one of the first revision tools to use a QR reader and describes the development as ‘a significant step in supporting the student interactive learning experience on the go through mobile technology’.

Using QR codes within the printed book, the tool gives smartphone and tablet users instant access to key textbook extracts and additional study resources tailored for mobile use. It can provide links to lecturer resources, additional summary material, revision questions and summaries.

SAGE’s MobileStudy was first rolled out as part of the fourth edition of ‘Discovering Statistics Using IBM SPSS Statistics’ textbook by Andy Field. The mobile learning tool will be rolled out across a number of SAGE higher education and college market textbook titles by end Q1 2014.

The resources on MobileStudy are also available to all those who don’t have a mobile device, and can be accessed as part of the textbooks’ companion websites.