The Metric Tide

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SAGE Publishing has published an independent review, in print, on the role of metrics in research assessment: The Metric Tide.

First released online only in July, The Metric Tide is the final report from the Independent Review of the Role of Metric in Research Assessment and Management. The review was chaired by James Wilsdon, a professor of research policy at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Sheffield, supported by an independent and multidisciplinary group of experts in scientometrics, research funding, research policy, publishing, university management and research administration.

The review looks in detail at the potential uses and limitations of research metrics and indicators, exploring the use of metrics within institutions and across disciplines.

'The way we value, govern and fund research is a crucial process and getting it right is particularly challenging as we see the rise of so many quantitative measures, while debating the value of peer review,' commented Ziyad Marar, SAGE’s global publishing director.

'The Metric Tide comes at a critical juncture and will help guide this debate to ensure a flourishing research environment in years to come. James Wilsdon and his team have done an exemplary job with this review and we at SAGE are delighted to be publishing their important work.'

James Wilsdon, author and chair of the review, added: 'When The Metric Tide was first released online in the summer of 2015, it sparked an energetic debate between researchers, manager, funders and metrics providers. The question of how we measure academic qualities and impacts in a robust but responsible way is high on policy and funder agendas worldwide.

'We are delighted to be able to bring the report to a wider audience through this partnership with SAGE, a publisher closely aligned to our ethos of responsible, engaged and innovative research, and we look forward to the continued discussion that will flow from this.'