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Text analytics provider TEMIS has introduced the first industry-specific edition of its recently launched information intelligence solution, Luxid. The first industry targeted is life sciences.

According to the company, Luxid for Life Sciences helps scientists to explore the ever-growing scientific literature and offers advanced features dedicated to the analysis of the relationships between biological, medical and chemical entities. It provides a set of navigation and discovery tools enabling scientists to evaluate the ‘druggability’ of a target or to profile a chemical compound.

The new tool is also expected to assist legal departments increase their IP assets protection because it gathers multiple patent sources, extracts and normalises key metadata such as assignees and patent series together with relevant entities (for example, genes, diseases or chemical compounds). In addition, Luxid for Life Sciences should help in risk monitoring because it automates adverse event detection, through the extraction of relevant links between drugs, treatments and induced pathologies or symptoms. It also provides a workflow of escalation rules to comply with the latest pharmacovigilance regulatory obligations.