Lizard Protector

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Lizard Protector was made specifically for publishers that produce e-learning courses, web sites (including intranets, portals and extranets), web pages, e-books, manuals, and artwork, where a higher degree of security and control is required beyond simple password protection. It protects your courses, web pages, HTML code, images, flash, etc. from unauthorized copying, sharing, modifying, printing (including how many times), and saving, with US Government strength encryption and digital rights management controls. Control who views your content, how long it can be viewed (for a certain number of days or forever). And if you no longer want the recipient to use your content, instantly revoke access to it.

Features overview

  • Protects HTML, HTM, SWF (flash), JPG, GIF, PNG, TXT, CSV files
  • Built in PDF to HTML and Word to HTML converters
  • Complete and secure control over information usage - viewing, printing (+ no. of times), copying, saving, etc.
  • Customer and information expiry and instant user revocation
  • Customizable message text, landing URLs and document splash screen
  • Offline / online access - control how long your information can be viewed offline
  • Complete off-line protection - no need to connect to the Internet to view existing information
  • 5 minute setup - existing customer records can be imported and no configuring of servers is required
  • Simple to protect information, simple to use, simple to administer
  • FREE viewer software (nothing for users to purchase)
  • No passwords to send, manage, enter, forget or pass onto others