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In August 2017, CLA and Kortext announced their acquisition of the rebus:list reading list management system from PTFS Europe. Over the past few months, both companies have worked on rebranding the system and have revealed that the enhanced product will be relaunched to customers as KeyLinks.

KeyLinks is a platform for academic, public or health libraries, where users can organise and manage content such as journal extracts, articles, case reference files and training materials into easily accessible reading lists.

Meghan Mazella, senior product manager at CLA, said: 'We’re very excited to unveil the name KeyLinks. We chose KeyLinks because we wanted a name that describes what our product does in a short, memorable way – a platform where you can organise and manage essential content for others to easily access and consume. With KeyLinks we will create a streamlined learning platform that offers greater access to important learning resources for users, while simplifying copyright for librarians and administrators.'

Scott Gibbens, analytics and engagement manager at Kortext, who has overseen the re- development of KeyLinks, said: 'We are very excited to be rebranding and developing this product as we feel there is a real gap in the market for an innovative platform such as KeyLinks. The developments will significantly enhance and improve the experience for all users. We are extremely proud that we have been able to be part of such a seamless integration and look forward to future developments that are still to come.'