IOPscience express and newsflash iPhone apps

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The Institute of Physics Publishing has released the latest versions of its iPhone applications, 'IOPscience express' and ' newsflash'.

Both are designed to keep users up to date with the Institute's publications. With improved functionality, the latest versions are fully compliant with OS4, reader friendly on the iPad and can be downloaded free of charge via iTunes or the App Store.

The IOPscience express application lets users download up to 20 articles per month, free of charge, from content published in the last two years in more than 40 journals. Sixteen new titles have been added to the latest release, including for the first time several journals published on behalf of partner organizations.

Meanwhile, the newsflash application allows users to search and download the articles from the website, with this updated version offering improved layout and navigation to make it much easier for users to read articles on their iPhone.