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Intota is a library services platform designed to address the primary needs of today’s libraries – managing electronic collections and delivering on the demands of modern patrons. Intota combines market-leading discovery, linking, collection management and assessment in one system built on a single, authoritative knowledgebase. The cloud-based service allows libraries to realise the benefits of these solutions today, while remaining nimble enough to evolve with changing collections and priorities.

With Intota, ProQuest is not simply focused on replacing legacy applications, but on transforming library workflows. Unlike other next-generation management solutions on the market, Intota focuses on the patron experience, recognising the ultimate goal of a library’s management activities is to support user discovery of content and the ability to access it seamlessly.

ProQuest’s 2014 release of Intota version 1 offers key functionality lacking in ILS offerings – seamless e-resource management and complete collection assessment. The platform’s best-in-class support for Demand Driven Acquisitions (DDA) is proof. Intota enables libraries to effectively expose candidate titles through the discovery interface, deliver those titles at the moment of user need, and reduce staff overhead associated with title acquisition and management.

And, the transformation continues in 2015. Intota will soon streamline the entire “Discovery-to-Delivery” experience. It will surface the richest set of content to users reducing barriers to library resources. Intota’s new features currently under development will include Acquisitions, Description and Delivery functionality.

Your library collections have transformed. It’s time to transform your management practices.

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