Innovative Interfaces

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Ready to transform your library? Innovative is focused on Cloud Delivery and Open Platforms that allow our customers to provide stronger patron engagement, new delivery methods (think mobile apps!), and APIs to expand the possibilities of external system integration even further. What’s more, library staff enjoy new user experiences that include powerful reporting, management dashboard, and web-style browsing.

Open Platform and APIs
Innovative supports and encourages the use of APIs with its open platform. APIs are transformative in their power to break the confines of a single client application. Libraries can now connect to a range of systems that feed into a library’s services, processes, and analytics, impacting everything from acquisition to discovery. Innovative’s fully-documented APIs are best-of-breed and provide flexibility, simplicity, and security for all external, library-developed and third-party connections.

Go Mobile!
Innovative brings the library experience to mobile devices. With web-based circulation tools and mobile apps for worklists, staff break free from their desks by using tablets and mobile devices to scan items and update status in real time. Users also benefit from patron mobile apps, which provide access to all of the library’s resources while on-the-go.

Complete Content to Engage Users
Innovative’s partnerships with 3M, EBSCO Information Services, and Overdrive provide outstanding access to eContent with Encore, Sierra’s discovery solution. Staff administration of this content has never been Innovative offers many options for transformation easier through integrated print and electronic resource management functionality.

Learn More about Innovative
Open your library to proven library workflows and complete resource management with the power and scale of Innovative’s open systems architecture. For more information on Innovative’s suite of products, watch our videos and download brochures at