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Oxford Journals is launching InnovAiT, a new journal for trainee GPs. It is intended to complement their path through training and is published in partnership with the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP).

The journal is aimed at Associates in Training (AiTs) of the RCGP – those doctors undertaking specialty training for general practice in the UK from 2007 onwards. InnovAiT is expected to support and assist the learning and development of trainees by rotating on a three-year cycle through the new GP training curriculum and assessment that leads to membership of the RCGP (MRCGP) and the Certificate of Completion of Training. Each issue covers two clinical themes and one non-clinical topic, as well as a news section highlighting important new policies, research, and guidelines affecting GPs.

The journal will also feature two regular columns: one which will provide guidance to supplement that provided by real-world trainers; and another on exam tips from a recently qualified GP. The journal also features test questions and welcomes contributions from trainee GPs themselves based on their experiences in training and on subjects that would be relevant to their peers.