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Elsevier, has announced the call for submissions for its new open-access journal Heliyon.

The journal will publish research covering all disciplines. It will be a publishing platform for sound research developed in collaboration with the research community so as to offer researchers a new publishing option tailored to their needs.

Elsevier says the journal’s own web page has been designed to provide ease of navigation, as well as greater discoverability and sharing of research papers.  

'The Heliyon team is working to enhance and improve the author experience at every step of the publication process,' said Claudia Lupp, editor-in-chief of the journal. 'But this is just the beginning of our journey. We’ll be continuously adapting and evolving in response to feedback from the research community.'

The new journal will be as much technology-driven as it will be community-driven, says Elsevier. Data from and technology behind Scopus will enable efficient matching of papers to relevant editors and reviewers, shortening peer review times. Also, integrated smart technologies, developed at Elsevier, will make papers easily discoverable and will connect them to the relevant research communities and readers.