ETS Research Report series

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John Wiley & Sons is the new publisher of research reports from Educational Testing Service (ETS), described as the world's largest non-profit educational assessment and research organisation. Now the ETS Research Report series is available in Wiley Online Library.

Based in Princeton, New Jersey, ETS develops, administers, and scores more than 50 million achievement and admissions tests each year, at more than 9,000 locations across the USA and over 180 other countries. ETS has developed a range of research programmes, covering psychometric and statistical methodology; educational evaluation; performance assessment and scoring; large-scale assessment and evaluation; cognitive, developmental, personality, and social psychology; and education policy. New research, as well as archives dating to 1948, will be published on Wiley Online Library.

'ETS has a long history of conducting studies into topics of wide interest to the educational research community,' said Jim Carlson, the Daniel Eignor executive editor of the ETS Research Report series. 'ETS’s research reports have presented research that is the forefront of the field, but these publications often have been overlooked. This publishing arrangement with Wiley should lead to more readers finding the series and benefitting from years of research conducted by ETS.'