ERM as a Service

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Swets has announced the launch of ERM as a Service, powered by SwetsWise. This combines selected SwetsWise modules and is designed to aid a librarian with the management, evaluation and access of their electronic resources.

The package is said to provide librarians with a single, clear and comprehensive overview of their collection, showing what content they own, where their users can access it and what licensing and rights options apply to it. On top of this, information professionals can analyse the cost per use of their electronic resources. This should particularly support their decision processes during the renewal season and allow comparisons down to title level.

'There are many different electronic resource management software solutions in the market but all of them are extremely costly, if one takes the total cost of ownership into consideration. They are also extremely complex in their implementation. Our ERM as a Service takes a totally different approach,' said Michael Leuschner, global marketing director at Swets. 'We are targeting customers who can not, or do not want to, afford the investment in their own ERM software installation but still need the fundamental functionality and services to manage their electronic resources professionally. Our solution follows the software as a service concept that has already prevailed in other industries and which is characterised by the subscription of functionality instead of licensing large software solutions.'