Encyclopaedia of Social Work

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Oxford University Press (OUP) has launched the Encyclopedia of Social Work (ESW), a dynamic online resource co-published by OUP and the NASW Press.

The encyclopedia offers hundreds of trusted articles on key and current topics in social work.  The new online service is not just an online version of the reference book, but a dynamic, ever-expanding resource.

Specially commissioned new and updated articles are added monthly to the site, ensuring that scholars, students, researchers, and practitioners have access to the best and most timely data available.

ESW features:

  • Over 400 peer-reviewed articles, offering overviews on essential topics in 24 areas of social work study;
  • Scholarly content infused with practical advice for social workers in the field, vetted with precision by a 13-member editorial board;
  • Article versioning: clear labels identify when an article was first published, with a link to the newest, revised version;
  • Hundreds of biographies of influential figures in social work history; and
  • Supplementary multimedia content.

In September 2013, the ESW will move from a completely free access model to a subscription model. Certain elements will remain free and be available to visitors and will assist users in content discoverability.