Ei Patents

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Engineering Information (Ei) has introduced Ei Patents to the Engineering Village 2 research and discovery platform. Ei Patents promises to provide engineering researchers and scientists with technical intelligence by utilising powerful search functions and analytical tools alongside patents and databases of scientific literature. Ei Patents consists of patent applications and grants from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and European Patent Office (EPO).

Each patent record is a bibliographic reference containing a patent abstract, classification codes, patent citations and standard identifying metadata. Highly structured data is said to enable powerful searching of patent content. Cited references link between a patent record and the other patents it cites. Cited reference searching allows users to search for any patents which cite a specific patent.

Search results are clustered with record counts summarising the most frequently occurring values among key data fields.

These clustered fields include inventor, assignee, classification codes, assignee country and year. The visualisation of the patent content using faceted searches allows researchers to gain insights and intelligence from the results display.

Ei Patents also allows researchers to analyse results from the patent databases alongside results from scientific literature databases including Compendex and Inspec.